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Safety and health at work   2020-11-04

     Safety and health at work comprises all preventative measures aimed at protecting functional capacity, health and life of employees at work which are used or planned at all operational stages of the company to protect employees from occupational risks or minimise these risks.

     Every employee must be provided with secure and healthy working environment irrespective of the activities of the company, type of employment contract, number of employees, profitability of the company, work place, working environment, nature of work, duration of the working day or shift, citizenship, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, social background, political or religious beliefs of the employee. Creation of secure and healthy working conditions in all work-related aspects is the duty of the employer. Safety and health at work measures in the company are funded by the employer.

     The state of safety and health at work in companies is assessed to the extent that work equipment and working conditions in the company and its units meet safety and health requirements at work laid down in legal acts. Assessment of the state of safety and health at work involves estimation of the occupational risks, i.e. the likelihood of injury or any other deterioration of the employee’s health due to the impact of the harmful and/or hazardous work environment factor(s).

     Occupational risks must be assessed in every company. The procedure for occupational risk assessment in companies is established in the Occupational Risk Assessment Regulations. Occupational risk assessment is carried out with the help of the specialists on safety and health at work, laboratories. The assessment includes measurement of risks to employees posed by every factor (chemical, physic, biological, ergonomic, psychosocial, and physical) of the work environment. When the risks are assessed, Occupational Risk Assessment Cards are completed for each risk assessment object.

     Information in the Occupational Risk Assessment Cards must be summarised and the Certificate of Safety and Health at Work Status in the Company must be completed in the established form. When the occupational risks are assessed, the company has to draw up a risk elimination and mitigation action plan which is used for implementation of risk prevention measures.

     Safety and health at work is regulated by Labour Code, Law on Safety and Health at Work, other laws, and legislation adopted by Government regulations and orders of the ministers. In 2017 the Government adopted the National Action Plan on Health and Safety at Work for 2017–2021.

Law on Safety and Health at Work

Information from the website of Ministry of Social Security and Labour