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The competence improvement visit to Nordic countries 2018   2018-10-11

In 2018 the State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania received financial support from Nordic-Baltic Mobility and Network Programme and carried out a Project „The competence improvement visit of inspectors of the State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania to Nordic countries 2018“.

During the Project two Lithuanian labour inspectors Vesta Macė and Gediminas Valentėlis visited The Finnish Labor Inspectorate in Turku and The Swedish Work Environment Authority in Malmo on 10-14 September. During these days Finnish and Swedish partners introduced their work environment specifics and methods to our labour inspectors.

The goal of the visit was to share information, best practices and use of Nordic labor inspectorates’ tools to provide more effective inspection methods to the State Labor Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania in order to control construction sites and workplaces containing hazardous chemicals. Also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of inspections and promote the prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases.

Inspection of construction sites: Find out how labor inspectors monitor the risk assessment of mobile workplaces on construction sites, what are the key points and how to recognize that a risk assessment has already been performed; determine whether the coordination of OSH measures is well implemented by all employers and individuals operating on the construction site. Similarly, inspections are made to ensure that preventive measures are implemented and how inspectors ensure that enforcement actions are proportionate to the health and safety risks in the construction sector.

Visits of companies using hazardous chemicals: how inspectors monitor the safe use of hazardous chemicals in the workplace in accordance with the directives on occupational safety and health and the provisions of the REACH Regulation; verify that employers organize safe use of hazardous substances, in particular through the expanded safety data sheet (with exposure scenarios) of hazardous chemicals used at workplaces; controlled use of authorized chemicals in the workplace; to require termination of work which endangers the safety and health of workers.

The knowledge and experience gained during the Project should be useful in drafting proposals on national law and rules, and also used for the training and qualification of labor inspectors of the State Labor Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Nordic-Baltic cooperation is very useful not only for a close geographical location, and also due to the problems that arise in the region, especially regarding the movement of the employees and companies carrying out activities in the different countries.


Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration